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BOX Exportkiste Transportkiste Mehrwegkiste aus Holz MPremium

Reusable Wooden Crate MPremium

The robust reusable wooden packaging made to measure for almost any application

The MPremium reusable crate is made of 15 mm thick multiplex boards(IPPC compliant) with a special steel profile already screwed to the boards.

Each transport crate is designed individually for you and manufactured as far as possible automatically. With different types of fittings, we adapt your reusable crate exactly to your requirements. An optional 4-color digital printing enhances your transport crate and thus your product. We deliver your BOX fully assembled or as a space- and cost-saving disassembled module.

Are you interested in the reusable MPremium crate? During a free and non-binding consultation we would like to help you find the perfect crate.

BOX - the safe wooden packaging.

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Systems for tool-free assembly
  • Wooden crate - Timber case - FastClip

    Exemplary illustration
  • Plug-in-system + FAST-CLIP

    The FastClip is simply placed on 2 pre-assembled screws, hooked in and secured by a push button. This fitting is installed in our reusable wooden crates and guarantees quick and easy assembly and disassembly without tools.

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Systems for assembly with tool
  • Wooden crate - Timber case - Screw-Clip H

    Exemplary illustration
  • Plug-in system + SCREW-CLIP H

    The ScrewClip-H is simply placed on 2 pre-mounted screws with metric thread and hooked in. By tightening the screws, the fixation takes place. The final stability of the transport box is provided by 2 straps.

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Optional Features
  • Wooden crate - Timber case - Grid-Box Function
    Exemplary illustration
  • Split sidewall

    As soon as the box height exceeds approx. 80 cm, ergonomic loading of the BOX is no longer possible. In this case, we recommend a split side wall that is simply pushed in from above.

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  • Wooden crate - Timber case - BOX-in-BOX System
    Exemplary illustration
  • BOX-in-BOX System

    A BOX-in-BOX system is particularly suitable for the returnable sector. All parts of the disassembled box are located in the surrounding safety frame. This creates a self-contained unit with additional impact and puncture protection.

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  • Wooden crate - Timber case - 4-C Print
    Exemplary illustration
  • 4-color digital printing

    With a 4-color digital print (e.g. logo, advertising message, etc.) you enhance your transport crate and thus your product. All 4 sides of the crate, as well as the lid, are printable.

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  • Wooden crate - Timber case - IOT Tracking
    Exemplary illustration
  • IOT-Tracking

    Knowing exactly where your shipment is is a breeze with our IOT tracking system. This means you can provide your customers with information at all times and avoid damage claims due to lost shipments.

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Customized & individual
  • Wooden crate - Timber case - Interior Design
    Exemplary illustration
  • Interior design

    No matter what your requirements are in terms of interior design - our CNC-controlled production allows us to deliver customized and well thought-out solutions for maximum product protection.

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  • Wooden crate - Timber case - Corrosion Protection
    Exemplary illustration
  • Corrosion Protection

    To protect your shipment from moisture (e.g. sea transport), we will line your BOX with anti-corrosion film.

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  • Wooden crate - Timber case - Fastening Technology
    Exemplary illustration
  • Fastening technology

    Do you want to attach a machine to the bottom of the wooden box? No problem. We offer every kind of fastening technology to secure your product in the best possible way.

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Your perfect BOX in 5 minutes

See for yourself at a free, no-obligation online meeting how quickly and easily we can configure the perfect crate for you. You do not need a headset for the online meeting, we will call you. Installation of software is also not necessary. We will send you the meeting link by e-mail. One click is enough!

Call now to schedule a consultation with online configuration.

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